The Bay Area Reporter

The Bay Area Reporter, one of the oldest LGBT papers in the country, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

KQED’s Cy Musiker interviewed B.A.R.’s current publisher, Thomas Horn, about the paper’s earliest days during the nascent gay rights movement; its seminal coverage of the AIDS epidemic, back when the virus appeared unstoppable (one issue in 1989 consisted of just 604 obituaries and accompanying photographs; headline in 1998: “No Obits”); and the paper’s current focus and future.

Important stuff for anyone interested in LGBT history…

Tom Horne on the origins of the paper during the early days of the gay rights movement[audio:|titles=BAR Pt 1]

The paper’s coverage of the early AIDS epidemic[audio:|titles=BAR Pt 2]

BAR’s current editorial focus and the future of the paper[audio:|titles=BAR Pt 3]


Jon Brooks

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