Last week, four men dropped their initial lawsuit against the Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa alleging sexual abuse by one of its priests, Patrick McCabe, in order to file an expanded suit that includes the Archdiocese of Dublin and the Servants of the Paraclete, a religious ministry that treated McCabe for pedophilia.

McCabe is being held in Alameda County’s Santa Rita jail, where he awaits extradition to Ireland on charges of sexually assaulting underage males there.

You can read about McCabe’s shuffling among various California parishes in this San Francisco Chronicle article from last year and in this Santa Rosa Press Democrat report from last week.

Last week, Greg Horne, one of the men behind the lawsuit who says he was sexually abused by McCabe, talked to KQED’s Stephanie Martin about the case.

“I don’t think there’s a phase of my life that hasn’t been touched” by the abuse, he said. “I’m concerned and I’m saddened that a human being, a servant of god, would put Father McCabe in the position to allow him to hurt children. In some ways, he was victimized as well. I don’t think there’s anyone could ever have thought he was ever going to be any different. He had a pattern of behavior and they just allowed him to continue that and he did nothing to prevent that.”

“The most insidious part of this type of crime is (that) if you’re a victim you feel one way….but if you never saw that side, you wouldn’t think any different. So to some he might be the best priest they ever saw, but for an entire other population of people, he was their worst nightmare. Which is why you see such a divide when this topic comes up.”

Greg Horne on the Patrick McCabe lawsuit Pt 1[audio:|titles=HornePt1]

Greg Horne on the Patrick McCabe lawsuit Pt 2[audio:|titles=HornePt2]

Stephanie Martin also talked with Adrienne Moran, a lawyer for the Santa Rosa Diocese, who said the men’s claim is barred because the statute of limitations has run out, and that there is no evidence of prior knowledge of any claims of sexual abuse by Diocesan officials.

Adrienne Moran, attorney for the Santa Rosa Diocese, on the case

You can also read a chapter about the McCabe case taken from Ireland’s Murphy Report
on The Murphy Report was commissioned by the Government of Ireland to investigate the handling of the sexual abuse scandal in that country by the Catholic Church.

Interview: Arcata Man Accuses Santa Rosa, Ireland Dioceses in Church Abuse Scandal 6 April,2011Jon Brooks

  • Maricar Pascual

    Props to Mr. Horne, who is taking a stand against the abuse of McCabe and the Diocese. One person speaking up may encourage others, who owe it to themselves to take action and hold abusers accountable for the damage they have done.


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