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Update April 6: As expected, the bill died in committee.

The California Assembly Judiciary Committee today discussed AB 26, which is being called an “Arizona-like” law on illegal immigration.

Chronicle’s Politics Blog:

An Arizona-like law to combat illegal immigration has a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of passing the California Legislature, but freshman Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks (San Bernardino County) is giving it a shot.

Donnelly, who has patrolled the California-Mexico border as part of the militant Minutemen citizen group, held a rally at the Capitol today for his bill, AB26. The bill would make a number of changes in state law, including requiring law enforcement to verify the immigration status of anyone who is arrested and suspected of being in the country illegally.

It also would make it illegal to limit the enforcement of federal immigration laws — an attempt to go after sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles — and require employers to use the E-verify system while barring them from hiring anyone they know is not here legally.

And more, from Scott Shafer on this morning’s California Report:

Regardless of how they feel about the merits of the bill, some Republicans may wonder about the political wisdom of introducing hot-button legislation that is not only anathema to a demographic group that has become a key difference-maker in the state, but one that is also virtually unpassable, given the balance of power in the legislature and the governor’s office. A few weeks ago, one survey confirmed what everyone pretty much already knew: A good chunk of Latinos have a “widely negative” view of the party.

Some intra-party introspection, at least, has begun. In January, at the well-established election post-mortem series at UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies, one former GOP Party chair passed judgment on the party’s disastrous 2010 California electoral results by proclaiming the party’s “brand” in the state as “dead.” The recent state GOP convention also produced a fair amount of dismay from longtime party stalwarts.

Scott Shafer interviewed Tim Donnelly, the freshman assemblyman who introduced the anti-immigration bill, and we’ll post that audio soon, keeping a listen out for any thinking about political downside to the legislation…

GOP Freshman, a Former Minuteman, Introduces “Arizona-Like” Anti-Immigration Bill AB 26 6 April,2011Jon Brooks

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  • Brittanicus


    When the Liberal, Democrats or Republicans talk about reducing the huge deficit, they fail to discuss the illegal immigration invasion. However the TEA PARTY does and will not deviate from the facts that the Southwest is being occupied. When the Census says the population has exploded over a short period of time. It’s self-explanatory that these people are spilling across the border, with limited personal to stop the rush. The US government continuously lied to us, and the only measure of reducing illegal immigration is to unite with the TEA PARTY. The Liberal pathfinders have infected this nation with there “Political Correctness” using every demonization to either legislators cringing or saying nothing at all. The attack always starts with profiling, the racial card or trying to pass laws, that puts a harness on free speech called “The fairness Doctrine.” The Liberal progressives mostly own the editorial rooms, but not cable news. Illegal Immigration is illegal Immigration. Nothing more-nothing less. This has nothing to do with people who come through the rigorous channels, to enter America–LEGALLY>

    More and more so-called Sanctuary Cities are spring up, because of this massive influx. The Sanctuary State of California leads the way with a 26 Billion dollar deficit, with Nevada, New Mexico and other acutely aware they are suffering in the same way. California taxpayers are suffering terribly, with even the possibility of higher taxes. The major cause is the overwhelmingly influence of the Liberal media and the over representation of Liberal-Socialist lawmakers in the State Capitol subsidizing illegal alien household. The Heritage foundation, the nationwide policy institute stated in the report detailing what happened to the roughly 1,200 illegal immigrants terminated in Minnesota after a work site audit occurred at two companies, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Harvard Maintenance.

    The federal government has a obligation in the “Oath of Allegiance,” 8 C.F.R. Part 337 (2008)) to defend America from enemies domestic and foreign. America needs policing laws such as Arizona, Missouri and other States. The US administration has failed us miserably as we have seen with areas of the US frontier, being held by murdering drug cartels, and the deaths of US Border agents and ranchers. Not to forget the terrorist killers whose incursions are being assisted by the drug peddlers.

    The Obama Administration has roughly 1,000 actively run immigration audits on businesses, across this nation. There analysis has shown that job terminated illegal immigrants, simply are remaining in America during this time of heightened unemployment, But more children are being born here, because of less attrition through deportation. During their time in the United States, 200 illegal immigrants gave birth to a total of 760 children subject to birthright citizenship law.. Under the current policy, meaning taxpayers are forced by the 14th amendment to pay the costs of hospital pre and post natal visits, the delivery, food stamps, Wicca, State Medicaid, lower income housing and cash payments.

    Even before Obama became President Politicians have hid their intentions, not to reduce illegal and legal immigration. 1.. They would have made illegal entry a felony, just like Mexico? 2. They would have data-base in airports, to chase down visa overstays? 3. They would have fully funded the 2006 Secure Fence act, to be constructed as a 15 foot double layer border barrier, adorned with nasty razor wire; which was underfunded from the start. It makes no sense to remove the 1500 military from the border in June. The should be manning the fence with 5000 more soldiers? 4. There would be 5000 US troops on the frontier with Mexico to stop the criminal carnage from spilling over and threatening landowners in all four Border States. 5 E-Verify “Attrition” program would not have been emasculated by the good old boy, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.

    ALL BUSINESS OWNERS CAUGHT EMPLOYING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MUST GO TO PRISON AS THEIR STEALING JOBS FROM THE 9 MILLION AMERICAN OUT OF WORK They should not be handled with kid gloves but harshly fined, all business assets confiscated and a mandatory prison sentence. Not a home held imprisonment. MILLIONS OF FOREIGN NATIONALS, INCLUDING CRIMINALS HAVE ENTERED AMERICA, IN THE PAST TWENTY YEARS AND THE MAJORITY ARE STILL HERE. If you agree with billions of dollars supporting illegal aliens and their families–DO NOTHING. But if you have just had another of this sickening joke on the hard working taxpayer, locate a local TEA PARTY to join. The spreading millions of TEA PARTY’ERS are in this war, to halt this 20 million plus settlement for good. Find more information and what illegal immigration is costing your payroll check at NumbersUSA. Call you Federal or State representative today demanding your rights as a taxpayer and end this parody of our immigration laws.

    TEA PARTY says no Immigration Reform (amnesty); No Sanctuary Cities; No Chain Migration (Limited amnesty); No Dream Act (Another form of amnesty) no nothing! They broke our sovereign laws.

    We can no longer trust our voting system, as shown in New Mexico, Colorado, and New York as illegal aliens have compromised absentee ballots. We must have Federal intervention or malleable States that cross reference driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers or authorities ID, as our elections are being exploited by criminal organization such as ACORN; they have not disbanded, but just changed their name.

    News: Did you know that airlines are outsourcing maintenance to foreign countries, where only the foreman speaks English. .GOD HELP US!

    Donald Trump for President. His platform is to promote only fair and honest free global Trade.


Jon Brooks

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