The perjury trial of Barry Bonds was put on hold today after a juror called in sick. Court officials say the juror could have kidney stones or gallstones.

But even though the trial is on hold, there is new evidence. A key prosecution witness says he found a secret tape recording that may prove whether Barry Bonds’ physician talked about the former Giants star’s use of steroids. A prosecutor told the judge today that Steve Hoskins, Bonds’ former business manager, discovered a tape of a 2003 conversation with Dr. Arthur Ting, a renowned Bay Area sports surgeon. Prosecutors say the tape may contradict some of Ting’s testimony last week and that they may need to call Hoskins or Ting or both back to the witness stand.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston recessed the trial until Tuesday. There’s a possibility that the sick juror will be replaced by one of two alternates, but we won’t know more until tomorrow.

Bonds Trial on Hold, But New Evidence Emerges 4 April,2011Kelly Wilkinson


Kelly Wilkinson

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