Here’s a first look at former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, new animated TV show and comic, called — what else? — “The Governator.” In his new role, Schwarzenegger merges his experience as a former action hero and politician to fight crime without the pesky constraints of the law, state legislators or budget deficits.

Schwarzenegger is teaming up with comics legend Stan Lee to create the series, which will be released in 2012. Here’s what The Governator told the Associated Press in an interview about the show:

“It’s kind of like, when you see that you could have fought certain crimes but the system didn’t allow you, or there were too many people that had to be asked for permission, by that time, the criminals were gone or the disaster that could have been prevented from happening,” Schwarzenegger said. “With this, it’s a fantasy world where the governor has extra powers.”

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