So Long Muni Fast Pass, Hello Clipper Card; Photos: Muni Fast Pass Through the Years

Click on photo for Muni Diaries' Fast Pass collection
After Sunday, you will no longer be able to use your MUNI fast pass, and that’s no April Fool’s joke. You can still book monthly passage on the good ship Muni, but you’ll have to do it electronically, through the Clipper card system.

(Order a card online, buy them at the station, or check out this list of retailers.)

Now that your physical ticket to unlimited joyrides on the 14-Mission bus has gone the way of 8-Track tapes, New Coke, and Friendster (hey, still alive and kicking, actually), it’s time to move on.

So long old friend! Although You cost $28 when I first arrived in town and now cost $72, for what some would say is declining service… at least you were pretty to look at. A veritable olla podrida, even, of graphical styles through the years. What are we gonna stare at now when stuck between Van Ness and Civic Center, those white Clipper card triangles that look like shark teeth?

Some visual homages to the Muni Fast Pass, through the years:

  • Paper Fast Pass Through the Years (Muni Diaries)
  • Collections: Muni Fast Pass (UnionMade)
  • Fast Past photos (ISO50 Blog)
  • JWG’s Muni fast pass collection (Flickr)


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