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Whatever you may think about Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts, no one can say he doesn’t give a good press conference.

Yesterday, KQED’s Rachel Dornhelm attended the first of what Batts says will be renewed monthly press briefings and collected the following audio. Batts said he stopped meeting with the press last year because of the mayoral race.

The chief’s best sound bite came responding to a question about his reportedly strained relationship with the mayor:

“You know, the goofiest thing, you guys keep reporting that we have issues or we’re bickering. And I read that, because I mean…where the heck are you getting that from? Here’s the reality….the mayor’s the boss. and when the mayro says we’re going this direction, we go that direction….My relationship is goo d with the mayor….But would you guys stop reporting this stuff? I don’t know where you’re picking it up from. Holy smokes!”

Follow-up question: Uh, Mayor…

Batts: Mayor! Don’t say that!

Listen here:

Batts on his relationship with the mayor[audio:]

Regarding his commitment to Oakland after his unsuccessful application for the top-cop job in San Jose, he said, “You guys keep talking about the San Jose thing that popped up. That was like two months ago..I’m not looking for another job. I have no anticipation of looking for another job. Oakland. Go Raiders.”

Batts on his commitment to staying in Oakland[audio:]


Batts on slumping department morale[audio:]

Batts on department’s missing the deadline to comply with reforms coming out of the Riders scandal[audio:]


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