Yesterday New York Times columnist and NewsHour political analyst David Brooks was on Forum, talking about his new book The Social Animal. (You can read some of the book at

Afterward, the News Fix rapid-response interview team caught up with Brooks in the KQED green room.

After rejecting the fact of he and I having the same last names as an interesting topic of conversation, I decided to ask him what he thought about some liberals’ disenchantment with Barack Obama, whether Nancy Pelosi bears responsibility for last year’s staggering Democratic losses, and whether he’d like to see Obama re-elected.

And, most important, I queried — in incredibly naive fashion, it turns out — whether he sits next to op-ed opposite Paul Krugman at work.

Have a look:

And by the way, while David Brooks was on Forum, somebody really famous called in to identify himself as a fan of his work. Check it out…

A famous guy calls in to Forum

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