Barry Bonds arrives for his perjury trial.
Former San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds arrives for the first day of his perjury trial. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty

The Barry Bonds trial for perjury and obstruction of justice is finally under way. Jurors were selected on Monday (few baseball fans made the cut), opening arguments began Tuesday and testimony began Wednesday.

Tuesday’s biggest action, though not really much of a surprise, was former-Bonds trainer Greg Anderson refusing to testify. Anderson has already served more than a year in contempt of court for his unwillingness to take the stand. Prosecutors sought to admit what they claim are doping calenders and private drug tests as evidence of Bonds’ steroids use, but a judge deemed them inadmissible without Anderson’s testimony.

Yesterday’s column by Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News offered a new wrinkle on the case. Purdy asserts that it will be former Giants trainer Stan Conte , whom Purdy says has “zero slime in his background (and is no relation to Victor Conte of BALCO fame) who will prove to be key for the prosecution.

Now that you’re caught up on the details, let’s venture into the realm of raw opinion. Bay Area sports fans are the one demographic that has been reliably in Bonds’ corner throughout the steroid era. We’d like to know how you’re feeling about the man these days.

So please, fill in the blank: “Barry Bonds will be remembered as  __________.”

Leave your answer in the comment section below or on our Facebook page. And please remember we’re a family blog — don’t make us wash your virtual mouth out with electronic soap.

And to get the ball rolling, or soaring into McCovey Cove, if you will: Barry Bonds will be remembered as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Fill in the Blank: ‘Barry Bonds will be remembered as __________.’ 23 March,2011Amanda Stupi

  • Michael Ting

    smarter than Jose Canseco.

  • Corinne Aguilar

    The greatest baseball player who ever lived and who was the victim of a vendetta by some government prosecutor who got pissed off at him and who was victimized, always, by the press because he refused to kiss their butts.

  • SThompson

    …one of the biggest jerks in professional sports, and as an asterisk in record books.

  • Billy Bob T

    the greatest and most feared offensive player of my lifetime

  • John Rumple

    Barry Bonds will be remembered as a great baseball star who broke all the rules of baseball and who had no regard for rules, regulations and the sanctity of the sport that made him rich. He always had to have the spotlight shining on himself regardless of the depth of deceit he had to go.

  • Tonya Williamson

    The greatest whatever he did it’s his business…..


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