SACRAMENTO — A legal case that has lasted more than two decades and brought systemic changes to California’s prison system ended Monday after a federal judge determined the state corrections department had made sufficient reforms to protect inmates from being abused by guards.

Facing a fine of $1 million a day for failing to produce pipeline safety records state regulators had wanted, PG&E revealed for the first time Monday that it will take nearly the rest of the year to provide them.

Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday that he was determined to allow California voters to vote on his budget plan — even if he failed to garner Republican support for his special election.

Speaking before the California Labor Federation in a hotel ballroom near the Capitol on Monday, Brown criticized Republicans for holding up his election plans in the Legislature. “They think they can say, ‘No, you have no right to vote.’ And that’s wrong,” he said of GOP lawmakers. “We will vote no matter what anybody says across the street.”

OAKLAND — A spent shotgun shell fired from the gun used to kill journalist Chauncey Bailey on Aug. 2, 2007, was found in the bedroom of former Your Black Muslim Bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV the next day, a prosecutor said Monday during opening statements in Bailey’s murder trial.

The first two California condor chicks of 2011 were born last week at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, it was announced Monday.

The California Condor Recovery Program traditionally has had humans handle condor eggs until they hatched, but these two were hatched by their parents, who are raising the chicks, the zoo reported.

Morning Splash: Prison Abuse Ruling; PG&E Hunt for Pipeline Records; Brown Pushes for Special Election; Evidence in Chauncey Bailey Case 22 March,2011KQED News Staff

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