And more news out of Berkeley today, with two separate gun incidents at Berkeley High School.

According to Berkeleyside, in the first case, a gun was fired through the wall of a portable bathrooms. Later in the day, a student was found with a gun in his backpack.

Principal Pasquale Scuderi said at a news conference this afternoon that three students had been arrested and face a one-year expulsion. He says there’s a lot in the works to deal with today’s events: a series of meeting to talk with students about carrying weapons; a forum for parents; and an anonymous hot-line phone system, which was already in the works.

So it’s been a kind of trifecta of unfortunate events in Berkeley today: half the town without electricity for a large chunk of the day, the shooting at Berkeley high, and the police hitting striking workers at Pacific Steel.

Guns Found, Students Arrested at Berkeley High 22 March,2011Kelly Wilkinson


Kelly Wilkinson

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