The California Senate’s Committee on Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness is holding an informational hearing they’re calling: “The Japan Earthquake: The Impact and Lessons for California Part 1.”

Here’s what’s on the agenda and who’s scheduled to be there:

  • Overview – Is California at risk for an earthquake and tsunami like Japan experienced?
    • Keith L. Knudsen, Deputy Director, Earthquake Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey
    • John Parrish, California State Geologist
  • The Impact on California of the Japan Earthquake
    • Mike Dayton, Acting Secretary, California Emergency Management Agency
    • John Laird, Secretary of Natural Resources
    • John McCamman, Acting Director, Department of Fish and Game
    • Gregory Smith, Director of Disaster Services, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
    • Dr. Howard Backer, Interim Director, Department of Public Health
  • Are California’s nuclear power plants safe?
    • James Becker Site Vice President, Diablo Canyon Power Plant, Pacific Gas and Electric
    • Caroline McAndrews, Director of Licensing for San Onofre Power Plant Southern California Edison
    • Daniel Hirsch, Lecturer in nuclear policy at UC Santa Cruz and president of the Committee to Bridge the Gap
    • Commissioner James D. Boyd, California Energy Commission
  • Can California’s Natural Gas Infrastructure Withstand a Major Seismic Event?
    • Kirk Johnson, Vice President Gas Engineering and Operations,
    • Pacific Gas and Electric
    • Joe Rivera, Director of Gas Engineering, Southern California Gas Company
    • Michael Peevey, President California Public Utilities Commission

The California Channel is streaming their televised coverage online.

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