Twitter, the micro-blogging service you either love or love to hate, turns five today.

It was March 21, 2006 when Twittr (there was no “e” in the name back then) co-founder Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet: “Just setting up my twittr.” Since then folks have used 140 characters to do everything from write novels to organize protests to fuel revolutions. In five years, Twitter has gone from being a punch line to being a formidable source of news.

The Twitter logo
The Twitter logo needs little introduction after five years.

Despite that quick evolution, Twitter remains a polarizing service. Cracks about tweeting “what I had for breakfast” are perhaps the only new media criticism heard more often than the “bloggers in pajamas” line. Wait, on second thought, no line has been used more often the the bloggers in pajamas one.

KQED wants to know how you feel about Twitter. Let us know by filling in the blank:

“Twitter makes me ___________.”

Leave your response in the comments section below.

Use as little as one word but try to not use more than 140 characters (this is Twitter’s day after all).

I’ll start: Twitter makes me appreciate the poetry workshops I took in college. Conforming to iambic pentameter makes 140 characters a piece of cake.

Love It or Hate It, Twitter Turns Five 21 March,2011Amanda Stupi


Amanda Stupi

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