The Redwood City School District just issued this statement regarding the status of the Atherton math teacher who prompted a frightened 911 call by his eighth-grade student after he angrily toppled a desk — possibly accidentally — in class:

The Redwood City School District has concluded its investigation of allegations made against a Selby Lane School teacher by a student during a 9-1-1 call on March 1. The district conducted a full investigation.

“The investigation is merely the first step,” said Superintendent Jan Christensen. “We must now decide what action, if any, is warranted by the results of our investigation.”

Christensen added, “The District understands that the media and the public are very interested in this case, but we cannot disclose any further information without potentially violating student privacy rights or teacher due process rights.”

You can listen to the 911 call here:

Redwood City School District Completes Investigation of Teacher Who Prompted 911 Call 9 March,2011Jon Brooks

  • Bernie

    This is what is wrong with society today — the operator instead of calling the school sends not one, not two but three officers to the school. On the tape, you can clearly hear the girl has a friend from another class in the bathroom with her, listening to music. The 911 operator tells the girls to tell her friends to be quiet.
    It sounds to me like MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: the girl wanted the teacher gone and now the teacher is gone. Why didn’t the student report it to the principal? Why didn’t the student get in trouble for having and using a cell phone? This was NOT an emergency. Why didn’t the student get into trouble for calling 911? Why didn’t the students in the bathroom get in trouble for being in the bathroom?

    • Edward Yu

      what is wrong with society today is that we now need to react as if the worst thing is happening at a school. While certainly it appears to be an over reaction on a student’s part, the 911 operator had to respond based on a worst case scenario. Anyone that does not understand that is optimistic but perhaps unrealistic in this day and age. Sad that this is the reality we live in now.

  • Bernie

    That is a bunch of hooey…listen to the 911 call. You can hear the girl in the bathroom with her friends listening to music. The 911 operator tells her to tell her friends to be quiet.
    This is a case of students out of control. There was no emergency.


Jon Brooks

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