The San Mateo County Times published a report today about Greg Hubbell, Jr., a 15-year-old “wildlife caller.”

Last month, Hubbell “won his 5th World Wildlife Calling Championship …at the 2011 World Swan Calling Championships in North Carolina, making him the current world titleholder for five species. He’s the only person to have held more than two.”

From Hubbell, Jr.’s web site:

“At age 8 years old he made history in California as the most highly decorated animal caller ever.”

Video from a recent CBS Morning Show:

And from the Steve Harvey Show:

And for the true wildlife-calling aficionado, a podcast from Hunting Life:

But I like this one, from The Today Show in 2007. It features the following exchange:

Al Roker: When you do your duck call, do you become one with the duck?

Greg: (completely unthrown) I become one within myself, and the call.

Al Roker: Cool!


Jon Brooks

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