Quite the protest at UC Berkeley yesterday, as eight students chained themselves to a fourth-floor ledge of Wheeler Hall for about seven hours, among other activities. Video from Berkeleyside and more…

  • Sean Roberts

    I wonder how much the “Student Organizer” Jevon is actually paying for his tuition? My guess is $0. If he actually paid or borrowed for his education, he might have something to be be angry about.

    • Betsy Ribot

      Ii think you are out of line and you are welcome to your opinion. In my opinion there is more than money and personal gains involved here. The sports and arts are always the first to go when pennies are pinched; the bigger question is whether or not the game of Baseball is an essential part of our society and universities. I believe it is. The question here is not asking to decide if a person should voice his or her opinion.


Jon Brooks

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