Apple said today that its iPad 2 will begin shipping on March 11 and be priced at $499. You can read any of thousands of news articles about it here.

At the product event in San Francisco, Steve Jobs made a surprise presentation. WATCH IT HERE.

SFist has posted some photos. Video and specs at Apple’s iPad site. For moment-by-moment coverage, pick your iPoison of live-blogs that chronicled the event.

Contrarian content:

Update 11:26 a.m. AP’s description of Jobs’ appearance:

Apple CEO Steve Jobs briefly emerged from his medical leave and walked on stage to standing ovation Wednesday to unveil the second-generation of the popular iPad, which will go on sale March 11 in the U.S.

Jobs looked frail and wore his signature black mock turtleneck, blue jeans and wire-rimmed glasses.

“We’ve been working on this product for a while, and I just didn’t want to miss today,” Jobs said at the San Francisco event. “Thank you for having me.”


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