Found link to this Bay City News report on the Twitter feed below:

Snow fell on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks and Merced Heights neighborhoods early this morning, according to a National Weather Service forecaster. A resident near Shields and Arch streets, located about 400 feet above sea level in the Merced Heights neighborhood, reported that snow had lightly dusted the rooftop of his home at about 12:30 a.m., forecaster Rick Canepa said.

Update Sunday, 7:56 a.m. Ian Hill, KQED News’ Social Media guru, has put together a Storify page telling the story of the Great Non-Blizzard of 2011 in tweets, photos, and news links.

Update 12:35 p.m. The Merc has posted a slideshow’s-worth of photographic evidence.

Update 1:23 p.m. KGO TV video: Snow in San Jose and Santa Cruz mountains.

Plus, this non-snow report:

“Meanwhile in Berkeley, lots of beautiful flakes everywhere, but no snow… 🙁

More snow mania:

This week we received a few snow reminiscences from our Public Insight Network query: “Tell us your memories of a snowy Bay Area.”

It had snowed all morning in San Jose. I was 15 and I waited for the school bus with snow coming down. It melted the moment it hit the ground. That evening, my older brother & sisters took me to go see Cat Stevens on his last US tour. He greeted the sold out audience at the Oakland Arena by saying, “It’s always great to be back in snowy San Francisco.”
–Paul Ledesma

I was in junior high in ’76 & my dad came in that morning & said ‘if you finish breakfast fast enough you’ll have time to play in the snow before school’. There wasn’t a whole lot to play in, but enough that my younger sister and I had a great time. I also remember my science teacher Mr. White (at the now-defunct Ortega Jr. High in Sunnyvale) got the most awesome photo of a fern with snow on it from that same day; I believe it ended up in the yearbook, I’d have to go check. You definitely don’t see snow on a fragile fern very often!
–Jackie VerHulst, San Jose

It must have been eight or nine years ago, and while hardly a “snow storm,” for this native Californian it was an event.

My kids were only four or five at the time, so this was their first “snow” and we quickly rushed them out of a warm home and into the front yard. We were soon joined by several neighbors, and made great ceremony over the few flurries blowing around. Nowhere near enough white matter to make a snowman, let alone a snowball, but it certainly made for memories. In less than five minutes, the moment had passed leaving little evidence of the snow, but it did make for a neighborhood moment that culminated in a dozen friends all crowding in our kitchen for a fresh batch of hot chocolate and chance to relive the momentous occasion.

With all the talk about this weekend’s pending storm, I doubt even a solid inch sticking on the ground will measure up against the treasured memories of our kid’s first snow “storm.”
–Michael Miller, Pleasant Hill

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