Click on the photo for a Sacramento Bee slideshow of the 1976 snowstorm

It’s amazing how badly people around here want it to snow. This morning we came across a couple of tweets about some alleged flakes spotted in Union City, and we devoted the full resources of the KQED news room to getting confirmation. I’m standing by now with a parka and Flip cam just in case…

My friends from snowier climes are quite amused at all the hubbub over what is not going to exactly be a blizzard even if it does come down. Someone who lives in Boston wrote me this on Facebook:

“I’ll send you some snow if you miss it so bad. Got plenty to spare. It loses it’s appeal after the 7th or 8th storm in a year.”

The Examiner interviewed a National Weather Service meteorologist today and got this forecast:

Any snowflakes at sea level certainly won’t stick, and don’t try to search for the perfect sea-level spot for a picture. The snowfall will be “hit and miss” throughout The City…There is a better chance that San Franciscans will see snowflakes in its higher elevations such as Mount Sutro, Anderson added. If you want better odds for snowfall, travel to the North Bay. The snow will hit the North Bay mountains Thursday night…

A flurry f nostalgic local snow photos have been leaping from one Bay Area web node to the next. Today, the Sacramento Bee got into the act with an article about the Great Snowstorm of ’76, when two whole inches affixed themselves to the ground.

Here’s a Bee slideshow from that Feb 5.

And here’s one San Francisco snow photo I haven’t seen before. Plus take a look at this history of San Francisco snow going back to 1856.

Today’s Photos of Snows Past: Sacramento 24 February,2011Jon Brooks


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