Yesterday we pointed to some historic San Francisco snow photos posted by Peter Hartlaub on the Chronicle blog The Poop, as well as from some other places. Today, Hartlaub posted snow photos from the wider Bay Area.

So how likely is it we’ll be able to add to the collection this weekend? “There’s a 50-50 chance that will happen,” says Jan Null meteorologist, in the San Jose Mercury News talking about the odds of sea-level snowfall this weekend.

I also found this photo of snow covering the Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton in San Jose. And here’s Lick snow photo from 1944, from the Online Archive of California.

From the Chronicle: “It’s not a lead-pipe cinch, but having snow all the way down to the lowest level in San Francisco is a real possibility,” private meteorologist Mike Pechner said. “Seeing it on Twin Peaks Boulevard, Portola, Forest Hills? Sure. But in places like the Financial District – we just might see that.”


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is the host and editor for KQED's daily health and technology blog, Future of You. He is the former editor of KQED News Fix.

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