Chris Daly: Newly invested political sage of the drinking classes?

Or Cliff Klaven?

The answer no doubt depends on your political point of view. Daly is currently slinging both booze and opinions at Bucks Tavern, his Market Street drinking establishment. On Friday, The Bay Citizen interviewed the former supervisor there about the current goings-on in San Francisco politics. As he did during the mayoral succession debate, Daly takes aim at Ed Lee, Rose Pak, and Willie Brown. He says that the “more corrupt” style of pay-to-play politics that he asserts reigned in the 1990s under Brown is coming back in style.

Daly also said that he will run for mayor if no one from the progressive quartet of Ross Mirkarimi, David Campos, John Avalos, and Aaron Peskin does.

“I’m an interesting candidate in that, if I ran, the whole race would be about me,” Daly told the Bay Citizen. “There are a lot of Daly-haters out there, and they’ll go buck wild with their attacks on me and on my small corner of the city here. I don’t think that’s my first choice of what to do for progressive politics, but the progressives need to have a big-name challenger in this race, and I have the power.”

Daly said this in his now-famous tirade against the nomination of Ed Lee for interim mayor:

“I’m going to remain involved and active after this vote… “I will haunt you. I will politically haunt you for the biggest fumble in the history of San Francisco politics. It’s on, like Donkey Kong.”

Sounds like it’s never been off…


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is the host and editor for KQED's daily health and technology blog, Future of You. He is the former editor of KQED News Fix.

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