Update 6:02 p.m. An archive of today’s show is now up at the KUSF Archives. DJ Schmeejay opened up the show by calling it “KUSF in Exile.”

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Could today be The Last Waltz for KUSF?

College stations around the country today hosted a solidarity simulcast for their erstwhile San Francisco radio cohorts, the DJs who were unceremoniously dropped from the airwaves when KUSF was sold by the University of San Francisco as part of a complicated series of local radio transactions. The station then went online-only, a switchover that has been a less than overwhelming success. Meanwhile, the SF Public Press reports that Classical Public Radio Network, which bought the university’s broadcasting license, has filed a request with the FCC to relocate the school’s transmitter to Sausalito.

But today it was all about DJs Irwin (from the Sleeves on Hearts show), Carolyn, Stereo Steve, Jantine B., Harry D. (In The Soul Kitchen), and DJ Schmeejay (Radiodrome). They were heard spinning records online at the WFMU Jersey City and other station web sites. The DJs spun live from Amoeba Records in San Francisco.

If you want to get a taste of the free-form radio practiced by KUSF since 1977, check out the KUSF archives page. Past shows are archived in the right-hand column near the middle of the page.

Listen to the KUSF Simulcast From Amoeba Music 18 February,2011Jon Brooks

  • DJ AmperDan

    No way this is “the Last Waltz” for KUSF and the people behind it! The “Save KUSF” organization is solidly working towards blocking the sale of the broadcast license and the 90.3 FM frequency at the FCC, and making a bid to buy them in order to keep local community free-form radio alive in San Francisco. Events like today’s simulcast only add strength to our numbers and donations to our cause. You can show your support by joining the “Save KUSF” Facebook page, visiting http://www.saveKUSF.org to learn more and to make tax-deductible donations. Generosity at all levels is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • last waltz?

      i don’t THINK so.

      some of us are still making podcasts and that number is growing. other dj’s have found a home for their long running shows on other stations, such as dennis the menace and amper dan. there are also options in the works that i’m not at liberty to discuss in the open at this time but you’ll be finding out soon enough.

      also, please note that new and reposted shows are on the main archive page, not the middle of the right hand side. those are the old shows.

      “last waltz”. yeah, right.

  • Mister Big

    As others have said, this was no “last waltz”. If you’ve been following this remarkable story, you realize this is another data point on an upward trajectory of passion, enthusiasm, and momentum for saving community radio from the jaws of public radio-consolidating USC and corporate radio giant Entercom.

    The energy is really remarkable from the resolutions passed by the SF Board of Supervisors, the SF Democratic Party, the USF Faculty Board, and last but not least a remarkable letter from State Senator Leland Yee.

    Pay attention, get the facts right — the Save KUSF organization is rolling forward. This is a real community movement by a real community!

  • Classical Music Fan

    KUSF is just “collateral damage” in a larger fight: The USC wants to steal KQED’s lunch. As the city’s preeminent non-commercial broadcaster, KQED would be the likely organization to continue full-time classical music broadcasting if commercial broadcasters changed formats and there was no collusion involved.

    Wake up KQED, you are next!


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