Someone taped the governor’s address to the LA Chamber of Commerce yesterday and put it up on YouTube:

Sprinkled amidst the stump-speech talking points hawking his budget plan, Brown engaged in what came off as some trademark free associating.

“I’ve spoken to the LA Chamber 30 years ago…I want to take note that I got my start in politics right here in Los Angeles, running for the community college board of trustees. I have to tell you, the most exciting day of my life was winning the primary for the community college board… Running against 124 people and coming in No. 1 is more exciting than being elected governor. Except that getting elected governor in my seventh decade is even more exciting. I’ve been in the wilderness…”

He then fell into a little riff that included mentions of Mother Teresa and Linda Rondstadt. True it’s not the first time he’s cited encounters with those two as examples of a wandering attention span back in his salad days, but the semi-rambling still sounds vaguely enough like spontaneous digression as to give him the aura of, like, a real person…

That can’t be easy for such a serial politician


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks writes mostly on film for KQED Arts. He is also an online editor and writer for KQED's daily news blog, News Fix. Jon is a playwright whose work has been produced in San Francisco, New York, Italy, and around the U.S.

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