U.S. Marine Corp. veteran Rich Brugger (R) helps a fellow veteran shops for donated food in San Francisco, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Military veterans are 50 percent more likely to be homeless than other Americans, according to a new joint study by the departments of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). And among those homeless vets, one in four live in California.

Each year, HUD provides Congress with an assessment on the homeless population in the United States. The Veteran Homeless report released Thursday from the two agencies — a first of its kind — is considered a supplement to the 2009 annual report.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, speaking on KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny Thursday morning, said his city has programs for homeless vets in place already… and that more are on the way:

“I’ve already been informed that we’re on our way to building our first veterans homeless housing center, and that’s with a group in Chinatown that’s helping to build that housing.”

The report included a one-year estimate of homelessness among veterans, as well as a one-night snapshot, which found more than 75,000 homeless veterans nationwide sleeping on the streets or in a shelter.

The analysis comes just a few weeks after HUD conducted its “homeless census.” You can learn more about how the counting is done, and how HUD uses that data from The California Report.

A pdf of the full 66-page report is available here.

Veterans More Likely To Be Homeless, New Study Aims to Find Out Why 10 February,2011KQED News Staff

  • August

    This report is just more of the same nonsense as all the other.

    They label ALL the homeless veterans seriously mentally ill, addicted, and alcoholic for life, jam them into those prison-like shelters, force them to convert to that very offensive & hostile 12-Step religious cult nonsense & “Jesus Saves” insanity, make them follow ridiculous rule-rule and more rules …until they get so sick of the disrespect they BLOW THEIR BRAIN OUT WITH A GUN or hit the road…..

    Homeless Veterans DESPERATELY NEED IMMEDIATE REAL HOUSING with keys to the doors & privacy, IMMEDIATE REAL TRAINING with trade certifications & career degrees, and REAL JOBS so they can pay for their housing and THRIVE!

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