KQED’s John Myers tweets that both CSU Chancellor John Reed and UC Chancellor Mark Yudof have stated that the governor’s proposed $500 million in higher education budget cuts will not trigger tuition hikes at state schools. Reed, however, said CSU will cut degrees and admissions. The remarks came at a press event.

Meanwhile, California Watch reports today:

University of California President Mark Yudof has set a target for the Berkeley campus to cut $80.8 million from its budget for the coming year, as the 10-campus university system struggles to come to terms with a $500 million reduction in funds proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown…

UC Berkeley, often ranked as the world’s leading public university, is being asked to absorb a larger share of the budget cuts, at least in part because it has the ability to raise more money than most other campuses from a range of sources. It is also able to generate revenue by attracting more foreign and out-of-state students, who are willing to pay higher tuition for the privilege of attending UC’s flagship school.


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks writes mostly on film for KQED Arts. He is also an online editor and writer for KQED's daily news blog, News Fix. Jon is a playwright whose work has been produced in San Francisco, New York, Italy, and around the U.S.

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