Being a fan of the Jets, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl with maximum hostility toward not only Pittsburgh, but to the entire NFL-industrial complex and the major religions, both of which have failed to elevate concerns about my team’s 40-year championship drought to the top of their wish lists.

Still, might be a good game. I’ll be tuning in while simultaneously trying to get my two-year-old daughter in my care that day to appreciate the finer points of the safety blitz.

You, however, may be able to get to a bar. Some resources:

  • Yelp! San Francisco – users answer the question “Best sports bar for the Super Bowl?”
  • Chronicle Culture Blog – best place in SF, East Bay, for Steelers fans, Packers fans, family friendly, and maximum TVs
  • FunCheapSF – top 10 best places to watch the game in Bay Area
  • Diablo Magazine – Super Bowl events in the East Bay

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