From the Patterson Irrigator:

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s investigators plan to resume their sonar search at the Delta-Mendota Canal Tuesday morning, scouring the water’s depths for a car belonging to the suspect in last week’s abduction of 4-year-old Juliani Cardenas.

A week after the Patterson boy was snatched from his grandmother’s arms in her garage, authorities’ focus remains at the canal, where a farm worker claimed he saw a man and a child in a silver car drive into the canal the night of the kidnapping. The vehicle matches the description of the silver 2003 Toyota Corolla driven by alleged kidnapper, Jose Esteban Rodriguez, 27, sheriff’s officials say.

Following a 48-hour break, crews will continue using sonar equipment about two miles downstream from where they spent much of Saturday near the area where investigators found tread marks into the canal. Five vehicles have been retrieved from the Delta Mendota so far, but none match the kidnapper’s car. Full story


Jon Brooks

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