When word came over the transom during the big mayoral brouhaha a few weeks ago that Ed Lee’s name had been placed in nomination, my first reaction, naturally, was “Who the hell is Ed Lee?”

For edification, we turned to KQED’s Scott Shafer. But here’s someone even better: Brianna Lee, the new San Francisco mayor’s daughter, who happens to work for our sister station in New York City, NPR affiliate WNET.

Brianna works for Need to Know, a PBS news program, as a social media coordinator. Last week, she wrote a post for the show’s web site called ‘Fear the stache’: San Francisco’s first Asian mayor. I chatted with her today about what kind of a guy her father is, what the grueling mayoral succession process was like for her family, and what she thinks Lee’s mayoralty means for Chinese Americans.

Interview with Brianna Lee, Ed Lee’s daughter

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