Things are not so hot in California right now. Budget cuts for cities loom, state tuition is rocketing, parks face the axe, and…oy.

Sometimes what we need in times like these are light-hearted photos of gubernatorial oatmeal or a little slice of the Hollywood-State Government nexis. You know — a reminder that not all is doom and gloom.

The Dead Kennedys satirized our past and present governor’s demeanor in the song California Uber Alles:

“I am Governor Jerry Brown, My aura smiles and new frowns.”


After sifting through photos of Brown from the past year, I can only ask: Where’s the smile? After years of Arnold, we photo editors have become spoiled. Just about every day we were able to pick and choose from a plethora of photographic grins.

So Jerry Brown, I’m watching you. I’m trolling Getty, AP and Flickr, waiting for a glimmer of that smile I know that you have in you.

Here are just a handful of shots taken in situations in which you’d think Jerry would turn those mouth corners up…but didn’t.

Jerry Brown, Won’t You Smile for Me? 20 January,2011Lisa Pickoff-White


Lisa Pickoff-White

Lisa Pickoff-White is KQED’s data reporter. Lisa specializes in simplifying complex topics and bringing them to life through compelling visuals, including photography and data visualizations. She previously has worked at the Center for Investigative Reporting and other national outlets. Her work has been honored with awards from the Online News Association, Investigative Reporters and Editors, the Society of Professional Journalists and SXSW Interactive.  Follow: @pickoffwhite Email:

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