John Myers, our Sacramento Bureau Chief, just finished tweeting from today’s meeting between Jerry Brown and local officials with the League of California Cities. Brown pitched them on his plan to shift local redevelopment funds to help close the huge budget deficit. As Myers says, calling them opponents of the plan would be an “understatement.”

As reported today, cities all over California are maneuvering to protect the funds before the well runs dry…

Some tweets of note:

Brown opens with jokes to city leaders. “You look a little hungry,” he says.
Gov. Brown on nixxing redevelopment: says it was originally “slum clearance.”
“We’re short on money..if you can redraw another way,” says Brown, “go ahead.”

“If we don’t do redevelopment, then what do we do? Cut more from schools?” says Gov. Brown.
And in true Jerry Brown fashion, he strolls out of the cities event, across the street in front of construction crews, and back into Capitol

Update 4:35 p.m.: Myers now has a post up about the event.


Jon Brooks

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