Carlos Moreno, the only California Supreme Court Justice who voted to invalidate Proposition 8, is stepping down on Feb 28.

Justice Moreno said a combination of factors — financial, personal and political — convinced him now was a good time to step down.

In an interview with KQED’s Scott Shafer he said that Jerry Brown’s defeat of Meg Whitman made the decision easier.

“Brown will more likely appoint,” Moreno said. “That balance on the court.”

At age 62, Moreno is considering a number of options, including more lucrative private judging. Asked which case he’s most proud of, Moreno mentioned being the only dissenter in a 6-1 decision upholding Prop. 8, the state’s ban on same sex marriage.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno is resigning Feb. 28, giving new Gov. Jerry Brown a quick opportunity to name a justice to the state’s high court.

The 62-year-old Moreno, the court’s only Democratic appointee and Latino member, submitted his letter of resignation to Brown this week. Full article

Justice Carlos Moreno to Retire From California Supreme Court 12 March,2013Jon Brooks

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