Yesterday, KQED’s Scott Shafer interviewed UC Davis law professor and associate dean Vikram Amar about the Federal Appeals Court order asking the California Supreme Court for “certification” on the question of “standing,” or the right to sue in court.

Certification is basically a call for guidance on state law. In this case the court wants to know whether a California proposition’s sponsors have standing when the state’s officeholders — in this case Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown — decline to do so.

Amar talked about the certification legal process, and how it might play out in the Proposition 8 case. He also said that there may be a “virtue” in slowing the case down, as legal treatment of and societal attitudes about same-sex marriage continue to evolve.

Prof. Vikram Amar on question of standing in Prop 8 case

You can also listen to Scott Shafer’s summary of the Prop 8 case’s current status on The California Report below:

Prop 8 Trial: The Question of Standing 12 March,2013Jon Brooks

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