• Mission Mission informs us a rep from Healthy San Francisco will be on hand to demystify enrollment in the city health plan on Sat., Jan 8, 2-3:30 p.m. at the Porto Franco Art Parlor.
  • How did we miss this? The N Judah Chronicles hips us to SF Mayor Vote, where you can vote for your favorite candidate to be the next honcho. So far, editor Greg Dewar of the N-Judah Chronicles is in the lead. Hmm. Sounds like Florida 2000 all over again.
  • From LiveSOMA: Someone put up a birdhouse on a street pole at Fourth and Bryant.
  • Tri-City Beat says Washington Hospital may not accept Anthem Blue Cross insurance unless the two parties can come to terms on a new contract.
  • Photos from Jean Quan’s inaugural walking tour yesterday in Oakland Local.

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