• A couple of weeks ago, Jon Miller was honored by the Hayward City Council, The HayWord informs. Miller, a native of the city, reminisced about his days playing Strat-O-Matic Baseball and his time at Hillcrest Elementary and Hayword High.
  • We missed the Necessary Conversation City Hall Christmas Special two weeks ago, but you can catch up now. Melissa and Beth interview some supes and other politico types.
  • Another warning from the Press Democrat Road Warrior: CHP will be stepping up patrols over New Year’s weekend.
  • The Snitch turns us on to @Caltrain, a Twitter feed of Caltrain service delays provided by riders, and a repository of found — if cranky — poetry:

    NB 263 stopped , no announcement as per usual

    I could have dropped to my hands and knees and crawled faster than SB 210 went from San Carlos – RWC. It is now behind the 8 ball.

    NB271 is 15min late. No reasons or apologies given

    NB233 left Redwood City 9min late, sounding all horns obnoxiously


Jon Brooks

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