Marysol Domenici, one of the officers first on the scene in what degenerated into the shooting death of Oscar Grant by Johannes Mehserle, has been reinstated to her job by an arbitrator.

Domenici was fired by interim BART Police Chief Dash Butler in March, based on a recommendation from an internal report written for the transit agency by the law firm Meyers Nave. The report concluded that Domenici had lied in statements recounting the event.

Domenici testified for the defense in the Mehserle trial, saying that she hadn’t seen Mehserle’s shooting of Grant, but that the overall scene had been chaotic.

Domenici’s partner, Tony Pirone, was also fired by BART, he for his actions during the incident.

From the Chronicle, on today’s ruling:

The arbitrator, William Riker, ordered Domenici reinstated to the BART force without restrictions and with full back pay. He said a 14-day hearing had produced “no basis for the conclusion that Officer Domenici was untruthful in her statements and testimony” at a preliminary hearing in Mehserle’s criminal case last year. Full article



Jon Brooks

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