Prop 8 plaintiffs with LGBT activist Cleve Jones, left. Photo Scott Shafer.

In case you missed yesterday’s dramatic courtroom arguments in the Proposition 8 case, you can listen or watch a replay of the entire proceedings, below.

The first part of the session dealt with the issue of whether the Proposition 8 proponents filing the appeal had standing, the right to intervene in the case, since California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown had both declined to appeal a lower court’s ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

The hearing’s second part addressed the constitutional question raised by Judge Vaughn R. Walker’s ruling in U.S. District Court: Does a marriage ban violate the equal protection and due process rights of same-sex couples, as represented by the plaintiffs, one gay and one lesbian couple.

Listen to KQED’s coverage of the hearing, or watch a C-SPAN video replay.


And follow along on KQED’s live blog of the event, by Dan Brekke.



Jon Brooks

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