This morning Scott Shafer interviewed Kristin Perry, the only eponymous plaintiff in Perry v. Schwarzenegger. That’s the federal lawsuit that seeks to overturn Proposition 8, California’s same-sex marriage ban, on constitutional grounds.

Perry discussed what it’s been like for her and her family, what she feels is at stake in the case, and what the reaction of people has been to her prominent role in the lawsuit.

Perry, who lives in Berkeley, will be in the courtroom on Monday for the oral arguments in the case’s next phase, which is an appeal of Judge Vaughn R. Walker’s ruling that overturned the ban. The hearing will be broadcast by KQED, C-SPAN, and other media organizations. Scott Shafer will also be in the courtroom, to report on the proceedings, and Dan Brekke will be live-blogging right here.

Listen to the Kristin Perry interview:

Scott Shafer Interviews Kris Perry of Perry v. Schwarzenegger Prop 8 Case 12 March,2013Jon Brooks

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