A new post-election survey just released by the Public Policy Institute of California found the following items of note:

  • 56% of independents, 75% of Latinos, and 59% of women voted for Jerry Brown.
  • 53% of independents, 62% of Latinos, and 58% of women voted for Barbara Boxer.
  • Among all the initiatives, Propositon 19 — marijuana legalization — by far attracted the most attention, with 38% of respondents saying they were interested in it. The second most followed initiative was Proposition 23, which attempted to suspend the state’s anti-global warming law. Proposition 19 and Proposition 23 both lost.
  • Governor Schwarzenegger’s approval rating is a dismal 32%.
  • The California State Legislature’s approval rating is a beyond-dismal 12%. (That’s just 5% greater than Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s rating about a month before he was impeached.) And yet, that 12% represents an improvement over the legislature’s rating earlier in the year.
  • 41% of voters think the switch to GOP control of the House is a good thing, while 34% consider it to be a negative event.
  • President Obama’s approval rating among Californians is 53%.

Read the full survey results here.

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