And now it’s really, really over. Today, Kamala Harris decided it was time to accept last week’s concession by Steve Cooley in the Attorney General’s race, thus officially assuming the title of California Attorney General-Elect. Harris gave a statement with a Q & A follow-up this morning in L.A. A similar event is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. in San Francisco.

When asked about California’s SCOTUS appeal, heard today, of a court order to reduce the state’s overcrowded prisons, Harris said the real problem was the state’s recidivism rate among released prisoners, which she called the highest in the country. “The system is failing us and crying out for reform, she said. It’s an “extreme burden to us in terms of public safety and our budget.” Harris said she’d tackle the problem through “proven” re-entry programs for prisoners.

(For a good primer on the prison overcrowding case heard by the Supreme Court today, listen to NPR’s report.)

Harris also talked about her commitment to focusing on environmental issues and mortgage fraud.

And here she is talking about the civil rights legacies of former California attorneys general Earl Warren and Pat Brown.


Jon Brooks

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