More on Jean-Quan-Unpaid-Parking-Ticketsgate (let’s see if that catches on).

Yesterday, as reported by KTVU, Quan said about her car being booted for having more than $1000 in unpaid parking tickets, “Over the course of the last year, my family and I have been extraordinarily busy on my campaign. During that time we accumulated several parking tickets.” Quan said that her husband, Dr. Floyd Huen, took care of the bills and thought they were “reasonably current.”

What I want to know: Is the booted Prius in question the car that’s Quan’s driving in the video below?

  • Charles

    Quan and hubby thought they were “reasonably current”?! What a weasel phrase. Translation: “Yeah, we knew we were ignoring tickets, but we thought we had a few more to go before anyone made a real problem about them.”

  • Julie

    Meg Whitman doesn’t vote. Jean Quan doesn’t pay parking tickets. It’s so hard to NOT be cynical about our political leaders.

    I hate parking tickets but, as I grumpily pay them, I remind myself that the city needs the money. Apparently Councilwoman Quan didn’t get the message.


Jon Brooks

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