Thanksgiving. Hearth and home. Family. The gathering of friends and loved ones in a convivial atmosphere that allows for both quiet reflection of our joint blessings, and a joyous celebration of the bonds that sustain us.

Oh, and also…


The day after Thanksgiving, as most savvy consumers know, has come to be known in the land as Black Friday. In the completely out-of-context words of Steely Dan:

When Black Friday comes
I’m gonna stake my claim

That’s right, anyone who has arisen at 4:30 a.m. and outfitted themselves in sneakers, flak jacket, and crash helmet knows what Black Friday’s all about. Braving hordes of salivating shoppers all competing for that $189 laptop or $400 HDTV has become an annual ritual for some — and a time to protest rampant consumerism for others. (Note: That’s a much smaller subset.)

If you do decide to strap it on and participate, here are some resources to guide you in your quest:

Happy shopping and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Just Two Days Till Black Friday! (And Thanksgiving’s Tomorrow) 16 November,2012Jon Brooks

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