Although California voters failed to approve the legalization of marijuana at the polls a couple of weeks ago, I think it’s safe to say that use of the substance has already been almost completely destigmatized culturally.

Witness Seth Rogen’s appearance on the premiere of the new Conan O’Brien show, posted on the East Bay Express.


“I have a medical marijuana prescription personally. I went in and they said what do yo need it for. I said I have a very specific ailment. It’s called ‘I ain’t got no weed on me right now.’ That was how i worded it. The lady said, ‘we actually have just the thing for that.’

Laughter and prompting from Conan all the way through. That’s a far cry from the “Just Say No” years.

  • David Klein

    Destigmatized culturally but not everywhere. Still law enforcement spends far too many resources unjustly targeting the modest, recreational user of marijuana, often with dire consequences for good citizens. For a dramatic and page-turning look at this issue, check out the novel STASH published by Random House at


Jon Brooks

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