• In-state tuition upheld for illegal immigrants (SF Chronicle)

    California’s Supreme Court became the first in the country Monday to affirm the right of illegal immigrants to pay the same college tuition as state residents, rather than the higher out-of-state rate.

    The ruling upholds a 2002 state law that lets students pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities if they attended a California high school for at least three years before graduating. Full article

    Lacking path to citizenship, in-state tuition law falls short (California Watch)

  • Mehserle headed back to court for bail bid (SF Chronicle)

    Former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle will return to a Los Angeles courtroom Dec. 3, when his attorneys will seek his release on bail pending an appeal of his involuntary manslaughter conviction, court officials said Monday.

    Under California law, a defendant who seeks release on bail after being convicted of a felony must show he is not likely to flee and is not a danger to the community. Full article.

  • Oakland police get funding for yearlong DUI crackdown (Oakland Tribune)

    Police will be cracking down even harder on drunken drivers in the coming year with the help of a state-funded grant, officials announced Monday.

    The yearlong anti-DUI program is funded by $240,000 from the California Office of Traffic Safety, Oakland police Lt. Sharon Williams said. The program includes DUI and driver’s license checkpoints, warrant sweeps, saturation patrols at times when drunken driving is common and court stings, in which police will follow and catch DUI offenders with suspended or revoked licenses who get behind the wheel after leaving the courtroom. Full article

  • FPPC probes Steve Cooley’s gift-taking practices (Chronicle Politics Blog)

    The state’s campaign finance watchdog confirmed today that it has launched an investigation into Steve Cooley’s gift-taking in recent years — a practice detailed in The Chronicle.

    The FPPC’s investigation, however, is not an indication that the agency believes Cooley has done anything wrong.

    A complaint against Cooley, the Republican district attorney from Los Angeles, was filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission back in October by the campaign of his rival, Democratic San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris. Full article

    Cooley-Harris War of Words Heats Up (Bay Citizen)
    GOP pleads for vote monitors in Cooley-Harris race (California Watch)

  • Neil Young warehouse blaze started in hybrid ‘LincVolt’ car (Bay Area News Group)

    The three-alarm blaze that caused $1.1 million in damage to a warehouse filled with rock legend Neil Young’s music equipment and memorabilia appears to have started in a one-of-a-kind hybrid car stored at the site, a fire official said Monday.

    Flames began in a 1959 Lincoln Continental dubbed LincVolt, which runs on electric batteries and a biodiesel-powered generator, and then spread to the warehouse at 593 Quarry Road in the early morning of Nov. 9, according to Belmont-San Carlos Fire Marshal Jim Palisi and a website devoted to the car.

    Young assembled a team of workers in 2008 to convert the 19.5-foot behemoth from gasoline to hybrid power, an effort he chronicled in a four-part film series. Full article

  • Apple brings Beatles to iTunes: ‘It has been a long and winding road,’ Jobs says (San Jose Mercury News)

    After years of singing out of tune, Apple and the Beatles announced today that they were able to work it out and the Fab Four’s legendary pop tunes are now appearing on iTunes, the world’s largest music retailer.

    The group’s 13 remastered studio albums are now available for purchase in digital format through the Cupertino company’s online store. Fans can also get a special “Beatles Box Set” that includes the first-ever Beatles concert in the United States at Washington Coliseum in 1964. Full article

    Five huge musicians still holding out on Steve Jobs (Business Insider)
    Wall Street Journal video — Reporter Ethan Smith on the deal

  • Facebook combo inbox cranks up message revolution (SF Chronicle)

    Facebook Inc. on Monday introduced a “next generation messaging system” that consolidates some of the most popular ways people communicate – e-mail, chats and texting – into one central inbox…

    Facebook’s announcement makes the company even more of a threat to Google Inc., which is also competing for users’ time spent online, whether it’s on a computer or mobile device. Full article

  • Giants catcher Buster Posey wins NL Rookie of the Year award (San Jose Mercury News)

    Buster Posey has a trophy to go along with his World Series ring.

    The Giants’ young catcher showed the leadership of a veteran as he guided a talented pitching staff all the way to the first championship in the franchise’s 53 seasons in San Francisco. His acumen also made him the clear choice as the NL Rookie of the Year, as announced by the Baseball Writers Association of America on Monday.

    Posey easily outpointed another kid from Georgia, Atlanta Braves right fielder Jason Heyward, drawing 20 of 32 first-place votes to become the Giants’ first recipient of the award since pitcher John Montefusco in 1975.

    Posey joined an exclusive club of Giants to win the award — a Hall of Fame-studded group that includes Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda and Gary Matthews. Full article

Morning Splash: In-State Tuition for Undocumented; Mehserle Seeks Release on Bail; Beatles on iTunes 17 November,2010Jon Brooks

  • Francis


    Second to the taxpayers spending issue of welfare for illegal aliens and instant citizenship to babies of foreign nationals that intentionally break our sovereign laws, is the repressive Revenue taxing chaos. I heard Ron Wyden, a Democrat on C-Span lame Duck session of Congress on how to overhaul the tax code for individuals and corporations; making it simpler and to lower the rates but cover more income. It’s logical that jobs wouldn’t be spirited overseas if the tax code was fair to everybody, and not an easy mark for the special interest groups to corrupt our politicians by keeping loopholes open for the wealthy. Wyden’s’ main emphasis is imposing three tax rates – 15 percent, 25 percent and 35 percent with a limited number of deductions. On mortgages, for example, they would remove the deduction for second homes and allow only the first $500,000 of a mortgage to get a tax break.

    Our country is in financial turmoil, because of the huge “tax and spend” Liberal movement of telling the people, we are here to subsidize your every need, as long as you vote for us; Illegal or not? Yes! It’s the illegal immigration issue that has finally become highlighted and emanating as public anger and a growing concern that the government failure to reduce it impact; that a large group of politicians, governors, judges are catering to these people, rather than the majority of the population. It’s another hundred billion dollar deficit that should be stopped immediately and foreign nationals grandfathered out of the country using enforcement of tools like E-Verify, newly customized. Costly yes! But in the long run it will save us trillions of dollars in cash payments and public services that are strained. Prior to inception of the entitlement system in America, there was little attraction for illegal workers and their families. Today–Poverty is threatening America’s stability, that in these economic times, we cannot afford our own families needs; yet we are given taxpayers money to promote good will in other countries.

    Nowadays people who are desperate and penniless are pouring across our leaky border, or on one-way-tickets jet liners to this sovereign country. Illegal aliens already know with fraudulent ID they can access our welfare and social services before they even arrive. Europe has already overrun with economic nationals, whose main objective is to collect welfare or free health care treatments. If we enforce our immigration laws, we can cut the US deficit at the federal and even State levels. We should listen to the insight of prominent non-profit organizations as the Heritage Foundation, which claims another Amnesty such as the Dream Act, will further cripple our national deficit. Hundreds of thousands of students as green card holders can sponsor their immediate family. Those newly sponsored once processed, can bring in their family and the chain of immigrants continuous.on and on…? Robert Rector of the Heritage has determined that this Dream Act Amnesty, along with the expenditures of Chain migration will increase our debt by another 2.6 Trillion dollars.

    Outside of this another 113 billion dollars is calculable by illegal alien families yearly, through instant citizenship through the 14th Amendment for babies. Much of this money is accountable, by funding to Sanctuary Cities; haven for illegal aliens, gangs and other criminal elements. Taxpayer money should not be giving federal funds to places of so-called Sanctuary Cities and even States, such as California as this is a travesty to our immigration laws. Not fully understanding the tax laws myself, accept paying my families fair share, but realize that the Autistic code has thousands of loopholes for the well-to-do, but gives no-quarter to the general public who end up being audited. Of course simplifying the tax code would mean unemployment. Google the truth that the Liberal press deny or lie about at NumbersUSA and conclude this battle to stop any form of Amnesty, by contacting your Senate or Representative at (202)224-3121 today.


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is the host and editor of KQED’s health and technology blog, Future of You. He is the former editor of KQED’s daily news blog, News Fix. A veteran blogger, he previously worked for Yahoo! in various news writing and editing roles. He was also the editor of EconomyBeat.org, which documented user-generated content about the financial crisis and recession. Jon is also a playwright whose work has been produced in San Francisco, New York, Italy, and around the U.S. He has written about film for his own blog and studied film at Boston University. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College.

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