• From the Contra Costa Times’ blog The HayWord: The finalists and winner of a competition for a new Hayward library design.
  • From Richmond Confidential, Richmond police are cautiously optimistic that the department’s new gun-violence reduction strategy is working.
  • The Snitch’s Joe Eskenazi bluntly asserts “Don Perata Deserved to Lose,” focusing on the erstwhile Oakland mayoral candidate’s lack of a ranked-choice-voting strategy.

    His statement today that he’d have won easily in a conventional election was telling. Sure he would have. And if my mother had wheels, she’d be a bicycle.

    Quite simply, you don’t sign up to play football and show up with a strategy befitting rugby. And you don’t get into an RCV election without an RCV strategy. Quan and others knew the benefit of picking up second and third votes. Perata didn’t try or didn’t care.

    For more on the ranked-choice-voting debate, click here.


Jon Brooks

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