“He’s still mayor until he resigns in January, so frankly any vote the board takes before that is informational. It sends the wrong message to the people of this city when those with designs on Room 200 start measuring the drapes before Mayor Newsom has even left office.”
–Tony Winnicker, spokesman for Gavin Newsom, on SF Supervisor John Avalos’ introduction of a motion calling for the board to appoint a successor mayor at next week’s meeting

“We do not at all condone this kind of behavior. It is not in keeping with PG&E’s core values of honesty and transparency.”
–Jeff Smith, PG&E spokesman, announcing that company exec William Devereaux had been suspended with pay for joining an online anti-SmartMeter group using an alias. Wednesday afternoon, Devereaux resigned.

“This is a simple and modest policy that holds fast-food (businesses) accountable and it allows toys with kids’ meals if basic nutritional standards are met.”
–Eric Mar, San Francisco Supervisor and chief sponsor of legislation banning toy giveaways with fast-food meals that don’t meet certain nutritional requirements

“Parents, not politicians, should decide what their children eat.”
–Gavin Newsom, who said he would veto the legislation, though it appears to have enough supervisor votes for an override

“How can you sit up there and take my rights away?”
–Aisha Alexander, medical marijuana user, at a San Jose City Council meeting, protesting a recent string of raids on pot dispensaries.

“This is not something over which we have any authority or jurisdiction.”
–Chuck Reed, San Jose mayor, referring to the raids’ being carried out by a South Bay narcotics task force

Today’s Quotes: Newsom Spokesman to Supes — Quit Measuring Drapes; PG&E’s Core Values 10 November,2010Jon Brooks


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