“For a candidate to receive the most first-place votes but whose name doesn’t appear anywhere on one-third of the ballots suggests what a polarizing effect he had on voters. It suggests that voters preferred three choices ahead of him – and for a front-runner, that’s astonishing.”
–Corey Cook, executive director of the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good at the University of San Francisco, on Oakland mayoral candidate Don Perata, currently behind in the ranked-choice vote count

“The bottom line is that we are about a billion dollars behind where we need to be. The students will be defraying a relatively small part of that.”
–Mark G Yudof, Univerity of California President, on his proposal to raise student tuition 8 percent next fall

“He was one of those guys who could do a million great things and then stub his toe a little bit.”
–Ron Brooks, former co-worker of Alex Fagan Sr., the one-time San Francisco Police Commissioner who became embroiled in the “Fatijagate” scandal. Fagan died Monday in London at the age of 60.

“I tend not to write these things down.”
–Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO, acknowledging at the Oracle-SAP trail that he never documented his concerns about the number of customers lost due to illegally downloaded Oracle software by SAP’s defunct TomorrowNow unit

“If we only get a Subway shop, we’ve failed.”
–Michael Van Every, developer on midtown San Jose’s tallest proposed residential project, on the importance of attracting retailers aside from fast food restaurants to the space


Jon Brooks

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