• The SF Public Press reported this weekend that preliminary results show Mark Farrell of District 2 and Malia Cohen of District 10 have achieved the majority votes necessary to win their San Francsisco supervisors’ races. “Jane Kim and Scott Wiener steadily held their leads to apparent victories in District 6 and District 8, respectively,” the site also wrote. The official final tallies, however, will not be announced until Nov 30.
  • I’m not sure what to make of the The Marin Independent Journal’s Underbelly, which bills itself as the newspaper’s crime blog. Sounds serious, except it’s written in mock police-blotter/bureaucratese. At least I think…

    Subject claims hot-cocoa sabotage

    A suspicious circumstance was alleged by a female subject employed in the 1400 block of Lincoln Avenue. The complainant verbalized suspicions that a co-worker had “poisoned” her hot cocoa. The complainant advised that the alleged contamination occurred on four occasions. The complainant stated that objective symptoms of physical illness resulted from the alleged adulteration of the beverage. Preliminary fact-finding measures were effected by investigating units. Units verbally requested that the complainant initiate medical analysis procedures to prove or disprove the bodily presence of unhealthful toxins. The complainant was unwilling to do so. The complainant was unable to provide further evidentiary substantiation of probative value.

    Novato: Easement peevement needs speedy intercedement

    A community altercation was reported on Laguna Vista Drive, where two male subjects were yelling at each other verbally. Units responded. Contact was made with the involved parties. Units identified the involved parties as neighboring community members. Units ascertained that the basis for the altercation was the placement of waste collection receptacles. One of the combatants indicated that he was the rightful owner of the easement. The individual advised that he did not wish the neighboring party to physically situate his waste collection receptacles on the stated easement. Units ascertained negative probable cause to initiate criminal enforcement procedures against the responsibles. Advice was given to the community stakeholders with respect to the civil resolution of their interpersonal challenges.

    Boy, it’s a cesspool of criminality up there north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Proceed at your own risk…

  • Polk Sheet showcases this video of the raucous celebration on Polk Street after the Giants’ World Series win last week.

    Photos from that time, that place also available


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