A judge has sentenced Johannes Mehserle to two years in prison in the shooting death of Oscar Grant. What do you think about the sentence? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Share Your Thoughts on the Johannes Mehserle Sentence 5 November,2010KQED News Staff

  • Alex

    The facts remain that Mehserle reached for his tazer twice before grabbing his gun on the opposite side and shooting a handcuffed man in the back.

    Two years for murder is a pretty good deal.

  • Binh Nguyen

    I am not surprised.
    This is similar to the Vincent Chin sentencing in the 1970s.

  • dora perchikovich

    horrific! How in god’s name can a policeman shoot someone in the back and get two years for it. i’m a white female and i’m incensed! Thjis is not justice at all!

    • DJ

      haha Dora, why would you mention that you are a white female? you want some credit or something? you think you are usual?

  • MH Cliver

    Hold on, critics of the verdict. The JUDGE and JURY got to hear the details of this, while YOU only got what fit into a news snippet plus what random unqualified bloggers and Grant family members said.
    The JUDGE was in the best position to evaluate this, and has done so.
    Please stop stirring up hatred and pseudo-outrage that leadb to violence, when you have nothing better than biased gossip on which to base your notions. You’re making things worse not better.

  • Well said, MH Cliver.

    The public must retain a cool head and not be drummed up into fury by the family’s grandstanding lawyer, who is obviously in for a big settlement, and others who are acting strictly on emotion.

    To me, both Grant and Mehserle suffered brain challenges that left them both vulnerable to grievous and tragic errors — Grant’s history and his fighting the police, and Mehserle’s confusing left and right.

    Believe it or not, this is a common source of confusion for many people. I just wrote a blog post about it here, to create more awareness.

    We will not progress to a peaceful, just society until we understand the role of the brain in our every decision, though, emotion and reaction.

    Gina Pera

  • nian

    Did the judge and jury consider all the facts? like why did he quit the Bart police immediately, so he didn’t have to answer questions (Bart Police) and why did he disappear for 2 or 3 weeks after he quit the Bart police, why? he manipulated the system to his advantage. He’s a smart game player.

  • nlan — I imagine the judge and jury did consider all the facts.

    I cannot answer why he quit BART immediately, but I imagine if you read through the reports, you’ll find out why.

    But consider this: Imagine that YOU made such a “stupid” error, one that left you in shock and with a unnerving sense of unreality. (It’s pretty clear from that video that he was shocked at what he did; imagine how as the events unfolded that the shock only increased as he learned that Grant died.) Imagine that you cannot explain it and that your action is triggering riots. And your world is spinning and your baby is due any day.

    How do you think YOU would react?

    Frankly, I don’t think someone who is a BART police officer has had many options in life to begin with, and cannot be that great of a “game player.”

    • DJ

      You are right Gina, he was shocked and those that don’t recognize that are purposely ignoring it.

      • DJ — I could see how some “can’t” see it, perhaps through their own anger at seeing too much police harassment in their lives.

        But what I cannot forgive is John Burris continuing to jack up the anger for what is obviously his own selfish purposes — $$$$$$$.

        Why is no one calling him out. I wonder.

  • DJ

    One day in prison is a day too many.

  • greg

    So in this episode of the Opium War we join Michael Rains (Lawyer for Derwin Longmire, friend of the lone murder boss of the lone gunman gang) spinning donuts for the “Poppy Bush” gang’s bad cops driving t he getaway car over the graves of Oscar Grant, Chauncey Bailey and Tupac Shakur with Robert Perry, (the judge who freed the dirty Ramparts scandal cops), while Police Chief Tucker, D.A. Orloff and Co. have (probably not) fled the scene of the crime. Nothing new here…

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