Here are some snapshots of players, fans, and one very important Freak from Wednesday’s victory parade and City Hall ceremony. Photos by Wendy Goodfriend.

Were you at the parade? You can add your own photos to our Giants Fever Flickr pool.

  • tpoian

    STOP USING ADOBE FLASH! IT DOES NOT WORK ON THE IPHONE OR IPAD! (It’s insecure! It’s a CPU stressor! It’s dead-end technology!) You are locking us out of your site. Well, OK, we’ll stop coming to your site…

    • glandix

      huh, it works just fine on my Android … and it’s no less secure than any other method of creating interactive websites. check your information before bitching about your device being crippled by Apple.

  • Kaath

    Can haz editor?

    Check the caption on the Flash object: “You can add you’re own photos…”

    Is it a typo? Is it LOL cat? (You can add; you are own photos.)

    Guys, please proofread your electronic media.

    Editor cat

  • Kaath

    But I love the photos! Go Giants!



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