“Well, the answer is it breaks my heart, but she should be deported because she forged documents and she lied about her immigration status. And it breaks my heart. Gloria Allred pulled off a political stunt. And you know what? On Nov. 3, no one’s going to care about Nicky Diaz. But the law is the law and we live in the rule of law. It’s important.”
–Meg Whitman, answering a question on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show about what should happen to her ex-housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan, who is undocumented

“My goal in this case was a fair trial and I believe that’s exactly what was achieved.”
–Stephen Poolos, prosecutor, on the conviction of Marcos Zuniga and acquittal of Cindy Zuniga in their resisting-arrest trial in San Jose.

“I’m concerned this will embolden the department. This was way too much force.””
–Roger Clark, expert on police procedures who testified for the Zunigas.

“You don’t have all the information and frankly I am not confident we have all the information.”
–Kevin Spillane, campaign spokesman for L.A. District Attorney and California Attorney General candidate Steve Cooley, on the San Francisco Chronicle report that Cooley received more than $4,000 in undisclosed gifts over the past seven years


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